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Artwork Management Services

Artwork Management in Pharmaceuticals is a critical process that involves creating, approving, and supervising artwork to ensure regulatory conformity. Coordination among various stakeholders is crucial to maintain a strong artwork management system. Performing this task manually appears complex, given the stringent regulations governing product packaging and labeling. This includes crucial information such as the product name, potency, dosage form, and active ingredients, making it even more necessary to manage the artwork lifecycle effectively. Reducing artwork errors is particularly crucial in the pharmaceutical and medical domains, where product recalls are prevalent.

Why Choose Our Regulatory Management Services

DDReg has provided customers with exceptional regulatory artwork management services for almost 15 years. With vast expertise in pharmaceutical regulatory consulting and pharmaceutical artwork management, our adept team has submitted new product authorization applications to more than 100 nations and responded to related inquiries. DDReg specializes in mitigating the risks associated with package artwork, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our services also enhance the efficiency of the process, minimizing the likelihood of errors or labelling inconsistencies.

Key Features of the Vitalic® Artwork Management Software

DDReg provides the following artwork management services and activities of the artwork management system:

Packaging artwork lifecycle process / Workflow consultation

Packaging artwork coordination (Lifecycle management)

Proofreading / QC services

Electronic proofreading for labelling documents as well as artwork

We use software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create pharmaceutical product artwork designs.

Stringent quality control (QC) and proofreading service

Gap analysis between distributed and submitted labels

Monitor the progress of your artworks in real time as they undergo the review and approval workflow.

By employing our Artwork Management Software, Vitalic AMS®, customers can enhance efficiency, accelerate product launches, and easily maintain compliance and audit readiness. The Vitalic® AMS validated system simplifies complexity, streamlines operations, and elevates effectiveness.

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