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The label of a pharmaceutical product effectively communicates its information to the consumer. Errors in labelling can lead to the product recall, which can burden the pharmaceutical organization. Artwork is produced through a defined process and follows standardized procedures which involves content gathering, brand guidelines, and print supplier requirements from a central web-based enterprise platform.

Artwork Review encompasses several important components that must be reviewed according to international standards and guidelines set by relevant agencies and authorities, including GxP standards. This ensures the effective communication of product information to the consumers. Pharmaceutical companies seek experienced organizations to perform high-quality artwork review to ensure there are no errors in product labeling.

DDReg’s team consists of qualified professionals with decades of regulatory affairs experience that combine their knowledge pool on market requirements and artwork capabilities to ensure meticulous and high-quality review. Our robust review control system utilizes in-house software and regulatory intelligence to ensure that product information is technically correct, updated, and compliant with guidelines and according to GxP standards. Our team at DDReg is trained in executing artwork reviews that is right the first time round to facilitate effective and timely project submissions that do not compromise on quality or accuracy.

DDReg’s Artwork Review and Compliance product labeling services include:

  • Artwork and content review for:-
  • ➔ Adequacy & accuracy check for the product information on artwork in reference to approved product documentation
  • ➔ Regulatory compliance
  • ➔ Quality check and verification
  • Image to image comparison
  • Technical checks for sites, vendors, and resources