DDReg provides Robust IPR Support Services for its Customers

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is crucial in regulatory affairs and patents support intellectual property protection for new pharmaceutical product development, process, and indication. Not only does this guarantee pharmaceutical product exclusivity but also supports return of investment for organizations.

DDReg provides intellectual property support across multiple parameters including determining the expiration of drug product patents & exclusivities and support in product development to ensure the earliest possible product launch date. We conduct meticulous investigation on patient landscape for a given pharmaceutical product. We collaborate with patent attorneys across the globe, that bring over two decades of experience, to facilitate the product launch deliverables, marketing authorizations and regulatory filings.

Our team conducts detailed assessment and review of patents under 505b (2) applications as well as diverse patent portfolios. Our industry knowledge combined with the strategic insight from conducting detailed analysis of patent landscape for competitors and products ensures that our customers are provided with the right support for IPR. Our market intelligence and insights make sure that we are informed of global IPR issues and new developments that help obtain patents for target global markets.

Worldwide Patent Status and Patent Reviews

Heavy investments and decades of work and effort are involved in pharmaceutical product development. Thus, to recover R&D costs and promote innovation pharmaceutical organizations protect their patents, until they reach the point of...

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