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VITALIC® - RIMS Software
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VITALIC® - A technology driven solution to address challenges grappled routinely by regulatory teams. A one stop solution to your requirements for regulatory, project management, document management, regulatory intelligence, global registration tracking & monitoring.

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RIMS Software

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VITALIC® - The DDReg RIMS Regulatory Compliance Software is a powerful solution designed for pharmaceutical organizations. It serves a dual purpose: keeping these organizations informed about the intricate landscape of worldwide regulatory requirements and assisting in the creation and monitoring of submission packages for global applications. This comprehensive platform serves as a Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Tool and Regulatory Compliance Tracking Software, empowering organizations to efficiently oversee their compliance initiatives. It encompasses a repository of global regulations and readily accessible templates for the benefit of regulatory teams within pharmaceutical organizations worldwide. Additionally, the VITALIC® lifecycle tracking tool plays a pivotal role by allowing decision-makers, departmental heads, business leaders, and management to track and oversee the global regulatory status of their submissions, providing them with a clear, at-a-glance view of the global progress.

Key Vitalic® Capabilities

VITALIC® is a cutting-edge platform that combines regulatory project management with valuable regulatory insights to make registering and renewing products a breeze. The platform uses proprietary technology to provide a web-based, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it simple for users to manage projects, monitor progress, and prepare submissions. The built-in templates help users author documents that meet country-specific requirements. The platform's efficacious tools keep track of all project-related information in one place, including region-specific timelines, approval processes, waivers, patents, and fee structures. The platform also provides alerts and notifications to keep users constantly updated so they never miss a deadline or important update.

Our RegIntel tool leverages cutting-edge AI Regulatory Intelligence technology and serves as a comprehensive regulatory intelligence tool , powered by state-of-the-art regulatory intelligence software . Our platform seamlessly integrates a robust regulatory intelligence database that aggregates data, documentation, and insights from over 120+ countries worldwide. With RegIntel, you gain access to real-time updates and analysis, facilitating your ability to anticipate rapidly changing global regulatory developments.

VITALIC® is the ultimate solution for Regulatory Process Management. With its compliant procedures, tools, and controls, the platform ensures compliance with regulatory policies, requirements, and standards, regardless of the region. VITALIC® streamlines access to relevant information optimizes project planning and tracking, and minimizes replication of effort, making it the perfect solution for managing the complexity and variability of the regulatory process. Whether dealing with multiple products or navigating different regulatory requirements, VITALIC® is the ideal platform for streamlining and simplifying your Regulatory Process Management needs.

Regulatory Information Management System

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VITALIC® helps pharmaceutical organizations to better manage their regulatory information to gain rapid market access while ensuring regulatory compliance through efficient information management systems

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